I Am Poems

Boy That Skateboards
by Joel Flores

I am a boy that likes science.
I am a boy who likes football.
I am the smallest in my family.
I am nine.
I am a son.
I am small.
I am short.
I am a boy who wants to be a scientist.
I am a boy who likes math.
I am a boy who likes water.
I am a boy who likes dogs.
I am a boy that skateboards.


by Maria Bautista

I am a girl that loves to play.
I am a student that pays attention.
I am a reader that loves to play baseball.
I am a sister that likes to sing.
I am a writer that can see well.
I am a scientist that does experiments.
I am fun like a playground.
I am funny like a clown.
I am a baby lover that has a baby sister.
I am a dog lover that had a dog.
I am a Mexican that speaks Spanish.
I am a party person that loves movies.
I am a cousin that loves to dance.
I am a person that studies for tests.
I am a friend that comforts other friends.
I am a very smart person that gets A’s and B’s.


by Steven Jimenez

I am creative.
I am smart.
I am a boy that likes stuff.
I am warm-blooded.
I am a dude that watches TV.
I am nine years old.
I am the second of my brothers.
I am a hard worker.
I am little.
I am a boy who rides his bike.
I am going to be ten years old.
I am good at swimming.
I am good at playing games.
I am alive!



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