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“About Feet.” Margaret Hillert.
“All You Need is Love.” John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
“Alone.” Edgar Allen Poe.
“Between Going and Staying the Day Wavers.” Octavio Paz.
“Bird Carpenter.” Leland B. Jacobs.
“Blowin’ in the Wind.” Bob Dylan.
“The Blues.” Langston Hughes.
“Books.” Arnold Lobel.
“Childhood.” Venu Arora.
City I Love. Lee Bennet Hopkins.
“The Cow.” Robert Louis Stevenson.
 “Def Poetry.” Except as a teacher you really have to view carefully and select most appropriate choices because of language, but there are some appropriate poems and really worth the effort in finding.
“The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee.” N. Scott Momaday.
“dive for dreams.” e.e. cummings.
“Dreams.” Langston Hughes.
“Drinking Fountain.” Marchette Chute.
“Ending Poem.” Rosario Morales and Aurora Levins Morales.
“The Face That I Keep in the Jar by the Door.” Harriet Fraser.
“Fog.” Carl Sandburg.
“How I Learned to Sweep.” Julia Alvarez.
“I Can.” Nas.
“I Loved My Friend.” Langston Hughes.
“Identity.” Constantinos Grigoriadis.
“If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking.” Emily Dickinson.
“Latinoaméricano.” Calle 13.
“Life Doesn’t Frighten Me.” Maya Angelou.
Looking Like Me. Walter Dean Myers.
“Lose Yourself.” Eminem.
“maggie and milly and molly and may.” e.e. cummings.
“Martin Luther King, Jr.” Kathleen M. Hollenbeck.
“Nonsenses III.” Edward Lear.
“Sometimes.” Mary Ann Hoberman.
“The Way I Am.” Eminem.
“Where in the World Am I?” Kathleen M. Hollenbeck.
“Where Will I Go?” Kathleen M. Hollenbeck.
“Who Am I?” Kathleen M. Hollenbeck.
“Young Poets.” Todd-Michael St. Pierre.

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