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Poetry Club Poems

From February 24, 2014

Version I created to model for students while they were creating their own.

Version I created to model for students while they were creating their own.

Friend, lovable, calm, kind,
Sister of no one,
Animals, my family, my life.
Happy when I play with my cousin.
Proud of my dog, excited when 
     I play with my family.
My family, my dog, my life,
Helpful, playful, happy,
Chucky, blood suckers, Saw.
The Limbo, animals, Six Flags,
C., IL,

Happy, friendly, lovable, and kind,
Sister of Josselyn and Angelin.
Lover of sisters, animals, and soccer,
Who feels happy when she plays soccer, 
     Who feels helpful and always joy,
Who needs friends to be happy, who
     Needs family for life, and who needs
     Life to be happy. 
Who gives love to my family, who gives happiness, to
     People, and who is friendly.
Who fears when I go to haunted houses, 
     Who fears when my mom tries
     To hit me, and who fears when all
     The lights are off.
Who would like to see One Direction, who would like 
     To see happiness, and who would 
     Like to see kindness.
Resident of C.,

Friend, brother, fighter, and Chique,
Brother of Miguel Roberto.
Lover of rock, Rise Against, video games, 
     And sleeping.
The joy of sleeping, the fun in games, the 
     Power of Rise Against.
Things I need are a house, something to 
     Keep me going, and my family's love.
I give others respect, I give others who
     I am, and I give others headaches.
Things I fear are nighttime, being alone,
     And going home alone.
Things I would like to see is my motivation
     In person, bestest veins on Earth, and
     Finally seeing the collection of my favorite 
I am a resident of I.,

Friend, Musician, Artistic, Intelligent,
Sister of Leonora and Jose,
Lover of God, drums, and family,
Who needs God, love, and happiness.
Who feels excitement when playing drums, love with 
     family, joy when going to church.
Who gives joy, God's word, and love.
Who fears being alone, not having love, being forgotten.
Who would like to see people being nice to others,
     God, and people having love in their hearts.
Resident of C.,

Friend, cool, keyboard player, and soccer fan.
Little brother of Ruben, Taylor, Luz, and Julie.
Lover of video games, soccer, and dogs.
Who feels great when reading, scared when surprised, 
     And silly when writing.
Who needs games, school supplies, and clothes.
Who gives headaches, toys, and school stuff.
Who fears spiders, my sister, and scorpions.
Who would like to see my little sister, my dad, and my pet.
Resident of C.,

Intelligent, friendly, girl, and funny.
Sister of Yamila and Ricardo.
Lover of family, friend, and school.
Happy when smiling, busy when
     Working, and intelligent when learning.
Friends, family, and love.
Laughter, headaches, and naps.
Bad grades, my brother, and spiders.
Eifel Tower, China and the largest
     Building in the world.
C., I.,

Crazy, sleepy, artistic, and fighter,
Brother of Miguel, 
Games, writing, playing.
Joy when drawing, excited when writing, and glad for writing.
Phone, family, friends.
Dizzy, tired, relaxed.
Chucky, máma, la Llorona,
Grandpa, grandma, friends,

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Puerto Rico and another thing that I am is peaceful.
And I like apples.
October because it is my birthday.
Live in New York with my family.
And I also like to go to the attic.

by Paola C.

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Poetry Club Poem

Poetry Club Poem

First poem created together during this year’s poetry club.

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February 4, 2014 · 1:55 pm

Vocabulary Poems


Something that is vital

Is necessary.

Water is vital.

Oxygen is vital,

And so is food.

by Ivan R.






Extend is

To make

Something longer

Or wider.

It’s to stretch like

If you were

Doing exercise.

If you don’t do


You won’t be able to stretch,

Not really a lot

Or stuff.

by Bryan M.







Is something you need.

It is necessary.

You need to

Be healthy and strong.

Chips are


They are bad for you.

by Yasmin C.






Extend means

To make longer or


Here are some

Words that mean the same,

Widen and expand

Like elastic.

by Yolanda M.


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Abstract Drawings

by K.V. Spring 2013

by K.V. Spring 2013

by A.B. Spring 2013

by A.B. Spring 2013

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By Lisa H.


Fantasy is fiction.

It is not real, and could never happen in real life.

It's made up, and you

See like animals talking- that is fantasy.

You see monsters in a fantasy. Don't be

Scared. It could never happen in real life because remember

That fantasy is not real, and can never happen in

Real life.



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Student Poems 2007

Poems by third grade students I worked with during ’06-’07 school year. This upcoming school year they will begin their sophomore year of high school, which I guess makes me feel a little old.

I Will Love You

Love you mommy

For all the days,

Every night.

Give you a lot of

Kisses for a special

Day.  Forever I will love

You all my life.

I will keep you in

My heart.

Alondra H. 2007.


They are horrible.  But they

Can kill the life of hope.

You thank its soul.  But

You go bye, bye!

Your life flies

Up in the

Sky.  Your









Cynthia M. 2007.

The City with Books and Poems

There is a place with

Lots of books,

And lots of poems.

Here the children are free

To go to the park.

And children can play.

The people are all so


And always feel happy.

Welcome to Poem’s Book Town.

Alondra R. 2007.

How Much I Love My Family

I love my

Parents a lot.

They are

So special to

Me.  They

Are nice to me.

That’s why I love

Them a lot.

Iridiana M. 2007.

Best Friends Forever

We could

Be best


For ever

And ever.


We could

Be best of

Friends for

Ever and


Diana S. 2007.

Poor Me

When I was poor,

I was alone.  I

Was in my room

Alone, trying to

Do poems by

Myself.  I

Hope I was by my

Self in the room

With nobody just

Me by myself.

Adriana H. M. 2007.

Meat, Fish, Pork

My meat smells worse than my feet!

Smell my foot.

It stinks.

Meat tastes good and smells like a


Fish, fish!

I eat fish and

Meat at the same time.

Fish is like a dead

Rat because it smells like a rat.

A dead rat.

Salvador L. 2007.


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