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I Am Poems.

Poems by Fourth Grade Students.

I Am
by Julio M.

I am a boy that likes to play soccer.
I am a student that likes to do math.
I am a son that helps my parents clean up.
I am a friend that buys things for Marcos.
I am a brother that buys things for them.
I am a kid that wants to be a cop.
I am a kid from Chicago.
I am a person with short hair.
I am a kid that is prepared for school.
I am a brown kid.
I am a kid that likes to draw.
I am kind of shy.
I am nine years old.



Yo Soy
by Cindy R.

Yo soy una niña que le gusta jugar.
Yo soy muy calladita en la escuela.
Yo soy una hermana buena.
Yo soy una hija obediente.
Yo soy una nieta.
Yo soy una sobrina.
Yo soy una estudiante.
Yo soy Mexicana y Americana.
Yo soy inteligente.
Yo soy de Chicago.
Yo soy una niña que quiere a su mamá.
Yo soy una niña que le gusta leer libros de Goosebumps.
Yo soy una niña que le gusta bailar.
Yo soy una niña que le gusta comer.



I Am
by Anny A.

I am a girl that is nice.
I am kind to people.
I am a good game player.
I am a sister.
I am like a feather.
I am a funny person with my mom and dad.
I am cool to my little brother.
I am the smart one in my family.
I am playful with my brothers.
I am smart, sometimes, at math.
I am awesome to my grandma.
I am peaceful with my cousin.
I am grateful to my uncle.
I am a better runner than my brother.
I am fast at writing poems.



I Am
by Alexander A.

I am a boy that runs.
I am an artist that draws.
I am a student that studies.
I am a band member that plays the drums.
I am a soccer player that makes goals.
I am a person that walks.
I am an animal that eats.
I am like the light of the sun.




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